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Peace in the Middle-East

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Peace in the Middle-East is a possibility that millions from the different religions and countries, from all parts of the world fervently wish and pray for.

When Peace in the Middle-East becomes a reality, millions of children who are born and grow up in an atmosphere of fear, hatred, anger, bigotry, and heart breaking sorrow will be free of all these crippling and devastating conditions.

These children and the many millions of people in the Middle-East and beyond will then be able to look at the world that they live in, and at their neighbors and fellow human beings, not as out to destroy and kill them, but as fellow travelers with whom they share this small world, and with whom they share the short time where their lives’ time spans overlap.

When there is peace in the Middle-East, the rapid growth of fanaticism, extremism and the resulting violence will be stopped, and in its place will flourish love, understanding, co-operation and connectedness.

Topic Questions:

    What will it mean for children in the Middle-East when there is peace? What will it mean for the parents of those children and for adults in general?What will it mean to the stopping and reversing of the growth of hatred, fanaticism, extremism in the Middle-East and beyond?What resources will it free up to fight the many diseases and health conditions that bring undue suffering and misery to the peoples of the Middle-East and beyond?What types of lives of love, peace, and prosperity will it make possible?

    How will it make it possible for the children of the Middle-East to play together, laugh together and grow up together rather than to throw rocks, bombs and shoot guns at each other?

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What is the Break Down the Walls project about?

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“Break Down the Walls” is a project that is committed to building understanding and tolerance in the world. It intends to do this by calling on people who want to make a difference, to join us in inspiring discussions and sharing, so that we can all be inspired to embrace understanding and tolerance, and so that we can then inspire others – one person at a time, and initiate a chain reaction of people inspiring more people.

Our first thrust towards achieving this goal is to use the power of the internet to generate discussions that will inspire people to pick up the call for tearing down walls that exist in their lives, and that will inspire them to use creative ways to inspire others.

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Peace & Love in East Africa

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Most of us get caught up in how to get peace, prosperity & then Love. Very rarely do we Dwell on “if we had abundant love” what is possible. And because we rarely see what is possible. We have very little as humans to inspire to. For many of us in East Africa caught in the cycles of Ignorance, poverty & war, it is difficult to seriously imagine what’s possible. But unless we get the Courage & start imagining what is possible, we can not make it happen.

The following leading questions are designed to help us see what is possible if we had “Abundant Love in East Africa”. Please share your inspirations & inspire us!

As you submit your comments and replies to the questions please consider filling in the the following optional items: Your name (can be a pen name), Age, Profession, Sex (male/female), Marital Status (married/single).

Imagine by some miracle there was abundant LOVE & PEACE flowing in east Africa and there were No borders between East African Countries;

1. Which place would you like to see? Where would you like to vacation? Where would you like to live.

2. In your business or profession what opportunities will open up for you?

3. Where would you like to dine? What food will you like to taste?

4. Where would you like to go for pilgrimage? Where would you like to pray?

5. Which song would you like to hear performed & dance with the crowd?

6. How would you serve & contribute to love?

7, If you are not married where would you like to have a spouse from?
Where would you like to get married? What song will you sing for her/him?
Which poem would you recite?

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World Peace

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World Peace

With the end of the Cold War it was hoped that peace will thrive in our planet. A cursory glance at the conflict spots across the glob shows conflict is spreading out of control. Violent conflicts are not contained within states boundaries. Rather they are engulfing many states and regions.

As the aftermath of 9-11 has made it clear, the conflict has become global in nature. The main root of these conflicts is the spread of wealth, power and opportunities within a state and globally. The poorer are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer.
According to Wikipedia
• 2.8 billion people — 46% of humanity — live below the World Bank’s $2/day poverty line.
• A study found that the richest 2% own more than half of global household assets.
• The living condition of the people in the poorest states is worse now than it was three or four decades ago.

All this foments conflicts within a state as well as between regions. Some of these conflicts are strung together by terrorist groups such as Al Qaida and targeted at undermining the global status quo. The world response to this intractable problem is to spend more on defense.

Again According to Wikipedia
• In 2003 the world’s total military spending was US$956 billion.
• United States spent approximately 47% of this.
• The United States and its close allies are responsible for approximately two-thirds of all military spending on Earth
• Military spending accounts for more than half of the United States’ discretionary spending.

The Bush’s administration effort to preemptively nub these terrorist menace has proven unjustifiably expensive as well as ineffective. Over $360 billion has been spent on Iraq alone as of January 22, 2007 not to mention the human lose and suffering to US and Iraqi citizens. A similar engagement by NATO in Afghanistan is also bogged down.

A non-violent yet equally intractable and menacing outcome of this distribution of wealth and opportunity is the human wave out of poor shattered states and regions into the affluent and stable states. Millions every day try to flee their lot by immigrating to the rich states.

Rich states spend billions to dam the human wave, while they try to cope with the problem of millions underclass illegal aliens within their borders. There are an estimated eleven to twelve million illegal emigrants within the US alone and their number is growing daily. President Bush’s 2006 budget for Home land Security is about $24.4 billion.

So what would happen if all the states of the world pooled five percent of their military expenditure and invested it in economic development programs in all the regions of the world to eliminate hunger and poverty, fight debilitating epidemics and build infrastructure.
• There will be more peace and stability hence less need to spend on defense.
• The less we spend in counter productive defense the more budget for productive investment
• More productive investment resulting in more wealth creation.
• As more wealth is created the rich will get richer and poor will also get richer..

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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