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World Youth Peace Summit- Asia Pacific

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World Youth Peace Summit- Asia Pacific (From .

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An Outcome of the WYPS Asia Pacific Conference: Shared Vision: We, the youth of the Asia and Pacific regions, believe that world peace can be achieved through the sustained development of: Respect Encompassing the human, for oneself and others, the recognition and appreciation of differences both religious and cultural, and the sovereignty of nation states under international law, with Equality That affords an equitable opportunity for education, social integration, informed political participation, health, persons of both genders, and economic prosperity across all economic groups, in harmony with Natural Resources And the physical and living environment cared for as a whole by nations, communities, public and private organizations and individuals, attending to Basic Needs That comprises of food, shelter, clothing, water, sanitation, health, energy, security, ensuring Education Within a culture of learning, that is holistic – academic, cultural, spiritual, vocational, traditional, indigenous, and with values that are both community-based and universal, driving Governance That never fails to be participatory, transparent and accountable, promoting Global Cooperation Between nations, communities, public and private organizations and individuals, enabled by Communication That is consistently open, free, fair and crosses all boundaries. To this we commit in spirit, thought and action

What does the organization do?
MISSION AND GOALS To build a forum for young leaders from all regions, cultures, religions, and genders whereby they can unite and pledge a commitment to work collectively toward the achievement of world peace; To create a global network of young people committed to peace-building; To focus on issues affecting youth and work towards finding solutions that will change the prospects for the future of the next generation; To develop and promote mutual understanding, respect and harmony among young people, who will become a new generation of global citizens; To identify talented youth with leadership potential from all parts of the world; To educate young people about the many critical issues their generation faces-weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism and conflict, environmental degradation and climate change, AIDS and its social consequences, poverty and development, education and employment, drug abuse and juvenile delinquency, among many other issues; To provide a moral and spiritual vision for addressing these issues. To develop an understanding that spiritual resources are an essential aspect of creating a peaceful and sustainable world; and To communicate to world leaders that young people must have a say in their own future.

Opportunities for Youth
Youth Leaders from different sectors of society i.e. business, media, politics etc. will be nominated and then selected for the conference in Bangkok. The criteria is as follows: Selection Criteria for Youth Leader 1. Age 15-35 at time of nomination 2. Recognized as a leader or potential leader in their field 3. Good communication and interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems, adaptability and flexibility in dealing with challenges 4. Demonstrated or promises to demonstrate competent commitment to social welfare and community leadership 5. Cultural awareness and sensitivity to the aspirations of the youth 6. Pledges to the agenda of the World Youth Peace Summit and makes moral commitment ensuring the continuance of the ideals enunciated by it .

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