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The Best Mother’s Day Gift – World Peace

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As we look back at Mother’s Day on Sunday May 13th, 2007, let’s look forward to giving mother’s all over the world the best gift we can give them. Let’s imagine of the day when mothers all over the world will not have to suffer the losses of their son’s and daughters, or their husbands in war or conflict in some part of the world. World Peace would be the best Mother’s Day gift to mothers all over the world.

Let’s look at Northern Ireland and the opening of Peace and the ending of sons and daughters killed from the long running conflict as a inspiring example to everyone who dreams of peace in the world’s many conflicts.

A BBC article titled ” Northern Ireland’s best chance for peace” on May 8th writing about this great breakthrough for Peace in Northern Ireland put it this way: “This really does feel like a “no turning back” moment – offering the best hope of permanent peace for Ireland in more than 400 years. …. Most of the people of Northern Ireland want peace and that certainly was not true during many of the years of the worst sectarian killing during the 1970s and 1980s.”

If a conflict that maybe goes back 400 years can find peace, the possibilities of peace in the many conflicts in the world become so much real and possible. Let’s stand for Peace in the World in our lifetimes!!!

Let’s all stand for an end of all the many conflicts and wars that take away the sons and daughters of many moms – that would be the best gift to mothers on the future Mother’s Days.

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Break Down the Walls – Poem

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Oh! the walls we build, the chasms we create,
The Us versus Them that we proliferate!
Oh! the bonds that we share that we choose to ignore,
As we search and search, then search even more,
For things to separate and keep us apart,
For differences we decide to take to heart.

Oh! the walls we create full of fear, doubt and hate,
Self-fulfilling prophecies we choose to generate,
As we slice and dice the human race into bits,
By religion, by income, by “race”, by politics,
By history and nationality, and oh! so many ways,
Oh! the walls we build, that consume our days!

Tell me does it compute? Does it make any sense?
To choose over truth – lies and pretense,
To deny the things that as humans we all share,
Things that light-up our lives, or hardships we bear,
That we’d choose to build walls to keep us apart,
Choosing ‘more suffering’ – on this world to impart.

Let reason reign, let’s stop this madness,
Of building more walls that negate our oneness,
While sharing this small rock, earth that we call,
Lost in this greatest expansive Universe and all,
Enough of destruction of brother on brother,
Enough of madness of sister on sister.

Let’s step forward, let’s dare, let’s venture,
To tear down the walls we’ve built up before,
Let’s triumph and celebrate, a new day let’s give forth,
Let’s build and rebuild, bridges of all sorts,
Farsighted let’s become, let reason reign supreme,
Let’s step up and reach out, and displace hate and fear.

– Dec. 7th, 2006 —- T. M.

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What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?
What about her heartbroken grief,
Her sobs and cries of pain and anguish,
The pain for a child lost that sears her soul,
For a child she nursed and cared for – for years.
What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?

Salty, I imagine is the taste of a mother’s tears,
As they gush from her soul through her eyes,
And the torrents of tears flow over her lips.
But is there a Moslem flavor, and a Christian one?
Is there a Shiite flavor and a Sunni one?
Is there a Hutu flavor and a Tutsi one?

Does her heartbroken grief at the loss of a child,
Her piercing wailing cries, come in different brands?
Does it feel differently? Does it hurt differently?
If she is Irish Catholic, or Irish Protestant?
If she is Hindu or Sikh; if she is rich or poor?
If she is Ethiopian or Eritrean; or white, black, brown or yellow?
Or Somali, Sudanese, or Yemeni?
If she is Iraqi or American; Palestinian or Israeli?

What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?
Do they have different shapes or different colors?
If she is from one group or the other?
What flavors do her grief and pain come in?

War! Oh bringer of pain and sorrow,
That time struggles to heal, even if only incompletely,
War you squanderer of precious lives!
Lives lost never to be recovered again!!

– Jan. 2007 —- T. M.

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Breakthrough for Peace in North Ireland

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The history of the human race has many successes of PEACE. These successes were achieved over seemingly intractable conflicts and hatreds which were solved, and bridges of peace, healing, understanding, acceptance and love established.

Let’s look at these PEACE successes to be inspired as to what is possible when there is healing, forgiveness, acceptance and peace.

The recent breakthroughs and advancement of Peace between Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland is a reason to celebrate what is possible. In Northern Ireland a new day of PEACE is dawning out of the seemingly intractable conflicts, years of endless rounds of violence, and from the decades of hate, grudges and acts of vengeance.

We invite you to share such success stories where deep wounds from wars and conflicts were healed; and peace, then understanding, acceptance and love triumphed and heralded a new day of new possibilities!!!

These stories of success will open up the door for us to be aware and present to Peace in the World. Let’s invite Peace in the World and have it manifested!!

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