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Peace – some thoughts on Peace – What is Peace, and How Important is Peace in Our Life

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How important is peace in our life?

Peace is the essence of our existence. It is the freedom to pursue our dream. It is our ability to express ourselves. It is the opportunity to relate with others with understanding, good will and cooperation. It is a cornerstone of our survival and triumph as a species.

Ask a child in elementary school or an old person in a convalescence home they will all recite eloquently about the necessity and virtue of peace.

If peace is such an essential of our existence, why is it not the central theme of our dialogs? Why does an adult male, on the average, think about sex once every few minutes, according to some psychologists, but seldom contemplate about peace. Why are there ‘n’ times more porn web sites than web sites dedicated to promoting peace in the internet?

Why is peace not the central theme of all religious sermons? Why is religion used to balkanize communities perpetuate suspicion and incite violence?

Why is peace not a central pillar of our political agenda instead of just a hollow political slogan?

Why do political leaders brush aside peace and herald war at mere perceived danger or gain?

Why are masses of people herded to support destructive wars provoked by dim-wit political leaders?

If peace is so much essential for our collective well being and yet so much marginalized, what is the role of you and me to make peace the focus of our consciousness?

How can we promote peace to alleviate the suffering of millions around the world who are suffering from the lack of it?

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