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What is Peace?

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Peace is when all human kinds in all parts of the world live without any fear of harm of any kind whether it is physical and/or mental.

  • No war no killing no torturing

  • Streets are free of violence

  • When there is justice for all

  • No one bosses around anyone

  • When one carries his/hers responsibilities to his/her ability and understanding

  • When one is able to travel from point A to point B anywhere in the world without being harassed

  • Each human kind works for well being of all others

To me, that is Peace 

  • No discrimination of any kind

  • All live in the world of understanding

  • No harassment of any kind

  • Gender, color and ethnics background are accepted as is and are not a factor for discrimination

  • A person is accepted and gets respect by everyone for his/her uniqueness; but not by what he/she looks like physically (so called beautiful, handsome, ugly and etc.)

  • All are surrounded by their loved ones, friends and other peace lovers

To me, that is Peace 

  • When there is freedom of speech

  • A person is free in what he/she believes without political, religious or any organization oppression

  • When arm races are eliminated and instead the funds are used for basic necessities to the needy

  • When weapons manufacturing facilities are converted to other helpful such as medicine, food, clothing and etc.

To me, that is Peace 

  • When there is love and understanding to one another

  • When everyone thinks and works for common benefits

  • When the media has no news of any killing or fighting anywhere in the world

To me, that is Peace

Peace is a necessity. We all need to work together to promote peace and to bring it to life. Please do not waste your energy, your resources and your time to destroy others. We need each other. 

What are your thoughts about peace?

And what are you doing to bring it to life?

Please share you view. 


A. B. W.

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