Call for Peace – An article calling for World Peace on “The Hindu” India’s National Newspaper

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We want to feature “Call for Peace” – an article calling for World Peace that was written by Sofia Ghori Saleem, Jan. 4th, 2009 in The Hindu’s Online edition of India’s National Newspaper.


Call for peace  by SOFIA GHORI SALEEM  – Sunday, Jan 04, 2009 

The Hindu – Online edition of India‘s National Newspaper

For once, this year, let’s play the game a little differently. Instead of predicting the future, let’s be proactive and see if we can shape it.

We need to leverage the largest virtual “democrary” in the world — the Internet, to achieve world peace.

Let peace take flight: The ideal agenda for 2009.

The Year 2009 has rung in. Each new year brings jubilation, anticipation and hope. What’s on the World’s stage this year? There has been much focus on changing governments and economic downturns. There is a pressing need to believe in a better tomorrow. A hope that the financial crisis will ease, that the housing market will steady and falling currencies will once again prevail.

In the newsrooms and blogs, and out on the streets, there are many stories. Short lived stories, changing stories. Many stories but no lessons. Many, many facts but no interpretation. Much knowledge but very little wisdom.

What we know for certain is that as we keep pace with time, we walk in to that swirling, unknown cloud called the Future. Can we plan for it? How do we prepare for it? Dare anyone predict it? As 2009 unfolds, will we see emerging markets emerge? Will the competition for universal jobs ease? Will our sick all over the world get treated?

Crystal ball

In past generations we had pundits who predicted the future. Leonardo Da Vinci predicted flying machines. Alvin Toffler predicted the paperless office. George Orwell predicted 1984. And we all waited and watched for system shutdowns in Y2K.

Some of these predictions were technological, others were societal. The technological ones have had a higher success rate with many of them happening or just on the brink of happening. To accurately predict the course of a society through the new millenium has been somewhat of a hard thing to do.

Is it even possible to predict the future anymore? Can we play the game a little differently this time — and predict what we want to happen instead of what we think will happen? In this day of polls and quick votes, can we, for once, tell the nation instead of ask the question? Instead of speculating and waiting for things to happen, can we be proactive about our future and help shape it ourselves?

For once, let’s not ask but tell the agenda. And let that top spot on our agenda be World Peace. Progress without peace is an impossible notion. So let us step up our universal consciousness of what matters most — global peace. Let’s march for it, work for it, pray for it. Let’s bring that ache to every home — a need for peace on earth.

We cannot design technology to monitor or control the extent of human infringement of a basic right for each one to live. We need to come up with different tools for achieving this. We need to build understanding and empathy of our global cultures. Become conscious of lives beyond our native lives. Become aware of realities beyond our own realities. A few office bearers at the top of the government chain cannot be harbingers of world peace. This has to be a grassroots movement that builds from ground up, not something that can be achieved only in high diplomatic circles.

The future today

In an age of constant migration, expatriation and repatriation of world citizens, in an age where the Internet brings people together across all borders and barriers, this is possible and in many places is already happening. We need to leverage the largest virtual “democrary” in the world — the Internet, to achieve this. It’s been proven that people come together on the Internet. It’s also been proven that millions of dollars can be raised from individual donors for a national election. Therefore, it is entirely possible to conceive of an online community movement where we can join hands and organise a virtual walk for global peace. The online global peace initiative must be energised and sustained by ordinary, everyday people from all nations.

I think we can and will reach out to this universal dream — a dream where we are truly a global village and our greatest strength is peace.


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Hi Sofia,

Are you the same Sofia who went ot Mithibhai college, Mumbai, India with me..

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