What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?
What about her heartbroken grief,
Her sobs and cries of pain and anguish,
The pain for a child lost that sears her soul,
For a child she nursed and cared for – for years.
What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?

Salty, I imagine is the taste of a mother’s tears,
As they gush from her soul through her eyes,
And the torrents of tears flow over her lips.
But is there a Moslem flavor, and a Christian one?
Is there a Shiite flavor and a Sunni one?
Is there a Hutu flavor and a Tutsi one?

Does her heartbroken grief at the loss of a child,
Her piercing wailing cries, come in different brands?
Does it feel differently? Does it hurt differently?
If she is Irish Catholic, or Irish Protestant?
If she is Hindu or Sikh; if she is rich or poor?
If she is Ethiopian or Eritrean; or white, black, brown or yellow?
Or Somali, Sudanese, or Yemeni?
If she is Iraqi or American; Palestinian or Israeli?

What flavors do a mother’s tears come in?
Do they have different shapes or different colors?
If she is from one group or the other?
What flavors do her grief and pain come in?

War! Oh bringer of pain and sorrow,
That time struggles to heal, even if only incompletely,
War you squanderer of precious lives!
Lives lost never to be recovered again!!

– Jan. 2007


Oh! the walls we build, the chasms we create,
The Us versus Them that we proli-fer-ate!
Oh! the bonds that we share that we choose to ignore,
As we search and search, then search even more,
For things to separate and keep us apart,
For differences we decide to take to heart.

Oh! the walls we create full of fear, doubt and hate,
Self-fulfilling prophecies we choose to generate,
As we slice and dice the human race into bits,
By religion, by income, by “race”, by politics,
By history and nationality, and oh! so many ways,
Oh! the walls we build, that consume our days!

Tell me does it compute? Does it make any sense?
To choose over truth – lies and pretense,
To deny the things that as humans we all share,
Things that light-up our lives, or hardships we bear,
That we’d choose to build walls to keep us apart,
Choosing ‘more suffering’ – on this world to impart.

Let reason reign, let’s stop this madness,
Of building more walls that negate our oneness,
While sharing this small rock, earth that we call,
Lost in this greatest expansive Universe and all,
Enough of destruction of brother on brother,
Enough of madness of sister on sister.

Let’s step forward, let’s dare, let’s venture,
To tear down the walls we’ve built up before,
Let’s triumph and celebrate, a new day let’s give forth,
Let’s build and rebuild, bridges of all sorts,
Farsighted let’s become, let reason reign supreme,
Let’s step up and reach out, and displace hate and fear.

– Dec. 7th, 2006

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18 Responses to “Poems”

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Yes My friend, the debt of war can never be repaid. It keeps on rising fed by more fear, hate and greed. When would people ever learn that war never solves problem. war breeds war.

There is true wisdom to be shared on this site and in your poetry! I hope the positive vibes generated here are able to grow and spread throughout the whole wide world.

BREAK DOWN THE WALLS, nice poem,,, i liked it casue it says the truth , many of us build this walls and i i think its the right time to break down this walls…. you are 100% right

BREAK DOWN THE WALLS wonderfully expresses questions that need to be answered with deep sentiment. I noticed it was written on Pearl Harbor Day. This reminded me of the walls built by the U.S. at that time.

U.S. first embargoed scrap metal and gasoline shipments to Japan, and closed the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping. Then the U.S. froze Japan’s assets in the U.S., and began a complete oil embargo. Oil was Japan’s most crucial lack in resources; her own supplies were very limited — 80+% of Japan’s imports came from the U.S.

This finally pushed the Japanese into the provocation the U.S. government needed to convice The People of the U.S. to enter WWII. The People of the U.S. did not want to enter WWII. The U.S. government engineered it by building walls.

The resources, the time and the energy that have been and still are being used to divide citizens in many countries of the world could have been very well spent on education, creating unity and fulfilling some basic human needs.
It is not in the best interest of any group, leader or country to play the race, ethnic, religion, color or etc card. The atrocity as the result of any division jeopardizes the political and economic wellbeing of a nation and subjects its citizens to pain and suffering.
Those who believe in creating a wall between people better think twice. Dividing may not take time but reuniting once split requires more time, energy and forgiveness. There is no easy fix for getting peace back.
Brother and sisters: Isn’t it time to focus on things that unite us rather than focusing on our differences? The number of things that we can work on together to benefit human kind outnumbers the differences we may have.
You are right. It is time for all of us who believe in unity to stand up and break down the walls that try to separate us

Both these poems are brilliant, and I was wondering if I could use an excerpt from the first one to argue against a point made in a book, for a school project.

Please email me if you have any objections, and I will add the URL of the website to credit the author, as I can’t seem to find a name.

Thanks You, and keep writing!

How about signing the poems so they can be reproduced with credit given where it is due! – please give me a name to associate rather than a website for the “Mother’s Tears” poem.

Amivera Feel absolutely free to use in full or part the poem or any article on this blog to promote peace. That is the whole objective of the blog.

you must not know me,
but your writing is fantastic!I am pleased to hear the poem of A Mothers Tears, What Flavors Do They Come In? How old are you? Where do you live?Reply soon!

thees poums ar grate

IS there a way I can give credit to you if I use this poem “break down the wals” in a Remembrance Day service?

Is very beautiful poem which reflects to the general world conditions of today and to the personal testimony many individuals experienced due to varies circumstance.

my first blog and am 19 years old

who is the poet of breaking the walls. can i quote the poem without a name ?please do inform

Because some get lost and others don’t in the end we just need something to hat .

just want to read this every minute


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