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Most of us get caught up in how to get peace, prosperity & then Love. Very rarely do we Dwell on “if we had abundant love” what is possible. And because we rarely see what is possible. We have very little as humans to inspire to. For many of us in East Africa caught in the cycles of Ignorance, poverty & war, it is difficult to seriously imagine what’s possible. But unless we get the Courage & start imagining what is possible, we can not make it happen.

The following leading questions are designed to help us see what is possible if we had “Abundant Love in East Africa”. Please share your inspirations & inspire us!

As you submit your comments and replies to the questions please consider filling in the the following optional items: Your name (can be a pen name), Age, Profession, Sex (male/female), Marital Status (married/single).

Imagine by some miracle there was abundant LOVE & PEACE flowing in east Africa and there were No borders between East African Countries;

1. Which place would you like to see? Where would you like to vacation? Where would you like to live.

2. In your business or profession what opportunities will open up for you?

3. Where would you like to dine? What food will you like to taste?

4. Where would you like to go for pilgrimage? Where would you like to pray?

5. Which song would you like to hear performed & dance with the crowd?

6. How would you serve & contribute to love?

7, If you are not married where would you like to have a spouse from?
Where would you like to get married? What song will you sing for her/him?
Which poem would you recite?

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