Middle East

Peace in the Middle-East is a possibility that millions from the different religions and countries, from all parts of the world fervently wish and pray for.

When Peace in the Middle-East becomes a reality, millions of children who are born and grow up in an atmosphere of fear, hatred, anger, bigotry, and heart breaking sorrow will be free of all these crippling and devastating conditions.

These children and the many millions of people in the Middle-East and beyond will then be able to look at the world that they live in, and at their neighbors and fellow human beings, not as out to destroy and kill them, but as fellow travelers with whom they share this small world, and with whom they share the short time where their lives’ time spans overlap.

When there is peace in the Middle-East, the rapid growth of fanaticism, extremism and the resulting violence will be stopped, and in its place will flourish love, understanding, co-operation and connectedness.

Topic Questions:

  1. What will it mean for children in the Middle-East when there is peace?
  2. What will it mean for the parents of those children and for adults in general?
  3. What will it mean to the stopping and reversing of the growth of hatred, fanaticism, extremism in the Middle-East and beyond?
  4. What resources will it free up to fight the many diseases and health conditions that bring undue suffering and misery to the peoples of the Middle-East and beyond?
  5. What types of lives of love, peace, and prosperity will it make possible?
  6. How will it make it possible for the children of the Middle-East to play together, laugh together and grow up together rather than to throw rocks, bombs and shoot guns at each other?

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