Peace – Successes

j0433231.jpgLet’s look at places where Peace has triumphed over War and Violence, some of which had seemed so insurmountable, to see that Peace can be achieved over some odds that seem impossible. Let’s also look at these successes of Peace to see what is possible when there is healing, forgiveness, acceptance and Peace, and from it laying the ground for love.

We invite you to share such “Peace successes stories” whether ‘small’ or ‘big’ to inspire us to the possibility of overcoming years of conflicts and war with peace, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence.

Such a “Peace Success Story” can be seen in Northern Ireland where close to 400 years of conflicts, of years of violence and deaths visited on both sides of the conflicts – has been brought to an end. Here the foundations for reconciliation, long-term peace and from it prosperity has been laid and are being strengthened. A seemingly intractable conflict has been solved, and a victory for Peace has been achieved.

Another Peace success story that comes to mind, is in Europe where the centuries of conflicts that pitted such countries as Britain, France and Germany against each other, has now been replaced by peaceful co-operation and neighborliness that includes the vision of living together in a United Europe. This peace was a victory over the years of conflicts and wars that had resulted in many millions of deaths.

Let’s see the successes of Peace over conflicts and war, that have been achieved in the history of humankind, to be inspired about the possibilities of Peace over conflicts and wars that seem to be unsolvable!!

War is not the answer!!!


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