Imagine a world of peace, love and togetherness!!

What would it mean for our lives?

What would it mean for our children, and future generations?

Welcome to the “Break Down the Walls” blog!

We invite you to read the posts and comments on the topics of World Peace, and to join in the discussions by posting your ideas and views. Your views, ideas and comments, and the discussions they generate are most important; they will define this forum, its richness and success.

“Break Down the Walls”, a project that this blog is part of, is committed to building understanding, tolerance, and Peace in the World. It aims to do this by inviting people to take part in inspiring discussions and in sharing of ideas. It’s goal is to inspire people to stand for World Peace, and by doing so to initiate a chain reaction of people inspiring more people that will help make Peace in the World a reality.

Our first thrust towards achieving this goal is to use this blog to start discussions on World Peace that begin by looking at and envisioning the things that would be possible if World Peace was a reality. We chose the use of this blog since it allows us to start discussions that people in various parts of the world can take part in.

We want to re-emphasize the importance of your participation by sharing your ideas and views, and responses to questions in the initial posts. Please accept our invitation and share and post your views, ideas and comments on the issues of Peace, Understanding, Tolerance and Love.

One of the discussions we want to have in addition to the ones above is around Success Stories of Peace, where Peace has triumphed over conflicts and wars.

In this discussion we invite you to share inspiring stories of Successes for Peace, both ‘small’ and ‘big’. The strong steps towards peace in Northern Ireland is a great example of a Success Story for Peace. There a conflict that has gone on for 400 years is being brought to a stop and a future of Peace is being beaconed in!!! Another example that comes to mind, is the end of centuries of conflicts in Europe that pitted Britain, France and Germany against each other has now been replaced by peaceful co-operation and neighborliness that includes the vision of being part of a united Europe. This after millions dead in the many conflicts that pitted these countries against each other.

We invite you share success stories for PEACE where conflicts have been ended, and healing, re-conciliation have been achieved. Since almost all the news we hear about are about ongoing conflicts and wars that are consuming various parts of the world, it is especially important to look at these Peace successes to make the possibilities of World Peace real and vibrant.


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